The Spice Table Little Tokyo

I have to tell the entire story of my visit, but I'm not sure I can do that today. So I'm still posting some pics.

Great ambiance.

Fried Cauliflower with fish sauce.

Lamb Belly Satays with peanut sauce. I ate that peanut sauce with everything that came to the table.
I'll also post a picture of the menu later. Talk to you soon...


My Tuesday Off

My dad took me to Bruegger's Bagels today in Corona Del Mar. It was, and still is, an amazing day outside. Blue skies, light breeze, plenty of sun. February in California. Then we went to that back of Crystal Court parking structure where he showed me the most amazing palm tree I'd ever seen. From what I understand, the International Palm Society put all different species of palm trees all around South Coast Plaza and Crystal Court. Amazing, outstanding and crazy! I had no idea I could have so much fun at a parking structure. Leave it to my dad...


It's Monday...

Life has thrown me some curve balls recently and I am unable to focus on my blog. Please forgive me but it will be some time before I can come back to this blog with more information on food and cooking.


It's Thursday...Favorite Blog of the Week

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This site has sooo much to see. I like her Cooking Classes
category. There's also a really good post on the Monterey
Fish Market.
Grab a cup o' Joe and go check it out.
Have a good one.  :)